Accountability Partners

Someone you trust, who can help you stay on track with your sexual integrity goals.

Why do I need an AP?

Reporting your progress or struggles to someone helps you deal with it. An Accountability Partner can shine a light on the thought patterns and triggers that keep you stuck in the habit.

Our Recovery Program uses 2 types of accountability:

  1. Peer to Peer: In the 90-day course you will have a Peer Partner from your group. This is someone who isin a similar place in life as you. They're like a "study buddy" to go through the course with, solving problems together.
  2. Accountability Partner: A mature person you can respect and trust, who you can report your progress to on a daily or weekly basis. If you're also using Covenant Eyes, this is the person who would receive the online activity reports.
Join The 90-Day Recovery Challenge

  • “I feel a greater expectation to master spiritual and/or recovery disciplines, and avoid bad material by having different Accountability Partners.  If I had just one, I don't feel I would be as strong to stay on top and deal with the problem most effectively.”
  • “Being part of this group creates consistent guidance and a bond of brothers who are not willing to continue in contradiction of our faith and true hearts.”
  • “For me, having as many accountability partners as possible has helped me tremendously. The more accountability partners I have, the more availability I get from all these partners combined.”

Become an Accountability Partner

Help someone overcome their habit

Can you be available to listen in a supportive way? You don't have to fix them, just encourage them and remind them of the goals they're striving for.

Watch this video for more info on being an Accountability Partner for someone in our recovery program.

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