Accountability Partners

Someone you trust, who can help you stay on track with your sexual integrity goals.

Why do I need an AP?

Reporting your progress or struggles to someone helps you deal with it. An Accountability Partner can shine a light on the thought patterns and triggers that keep you stuck in the habit.

Our Sexual Integrity Training uses 2 types of accountability:

  1. Peer to Peer: In the 90-day course you will have a Peer Partner from your group. This is someone who isin a similar place in life as you. They're like a "study buddy" to go through the course with, solving problems together.
  2. Accountability Partner: A mature person you can respect and trust, who you can report your progress to on a daily or weekly basis.
Join Ascend: 90-Day Sexual Integrity Training
  • “I feel a greater expectation to master spiritual and/or recovery disciplines, and avoid bad material by having different Accountability Partners.  If I had just one, I don't feel I would be as strong to stay on top and deal with the problem most effectively.”
  • “Being part of this group creates consistent guidance and a bond of brothers who are not willing to continue in contradiction of our faith and true hearts.”
  • “For me, having as many accountability partners as possible has helped me tremendously. The more accountability partners I have, the more availability I get from all these partners combined.”

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