Find an Accountability Partner

Ask someone you know and trust to help you stay on track with your goals.

Finding Your Own Accountability Partner

There are key characteristics your AP should have:

1. Same gender if possible. They can more easily understand your vulnerabilities and, if necessary, your excuses.

2. Able keep confidentiality. Do you have evidence they can keep secrets?

3. Mature enough to take it seriously. This is why a peer may not be suitable.

4. Challenging, but not condemning. They can help you see where your thinking contradicts your goals.

High Noon Accountability Groups

When you sign up for the High Noon Recovery Program you will join a group that meets weekly. Within this group you will have a peer Accountability Buddy to check in with during the week, and you will also check in with the group once a week.

You should also have an Accountability Partner who is farther ahead of you in recovery or fully recovered. Someone you can check in with weekly to discuss your progress and receive guidance from. If you are using Covenant Eyes, this would be the person who receives the reports.


Something to consider:

You may need more than one AP, each with different strengths.

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