Ascend: 90-Day Sexual Integrity Training

An online porn recovery, and sexual integrity course. It has a facilitated weekly group meeting on Zoom, and text check-ins with accountability partners.

This is a 3 month course where you’ll login each day for a short lesson. You might watch a video, or answer questions in a Typeform survey. Sometimes we just give you information to read and think about until the next day.

You’ll also have a weekly online meeting for about 30 minutes with a few other participants. Each participant will briefly report about the ups and downs of their week, and share any discoveries from the lessons.

The course is for both men and women, but groups are specific to gender and age range.

“The material is fantastic. The questions about reflections and goals are very motivating.”

Confidential and Secure

We use Typeform like a workbook because it doesn’t keep your personal information, it’s completely confidential. The questions are for your reflection, so you can understand yourself and what’s driving your habit. There are no right or wrong answers. You can have your answers emailed back to you after each survey.

There are no tests. The purpose of this course it to guide you, and equip you with the skills and tools you need to break free from porn.

A Structure that Helps You Succeed

Each month has a theme: Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Self-Mastery. And each lesson builds on what you’ve gained in the previous lesson.

In between your group meetings, you’ll have a study buddy you can keep in touch with, and an Accountability Partner. You’ll learn how valuable these connections are for achieving your personal goals.

We’ve even got an exit strategy to help you hold on to the freedom you’ve gained after the 90 days.

“The course has helped me to make better choices in the moment of temptation.”

What does it cost?

It’s only $99.00 for the entire 90-Days. That’s less than your daily cup of coffee. A very small investment that can change your life—you can’t beat that!