Ascend AP Insights

You don't have to fix anyone, just encourage them and remind them of the goals they're striving for. Watch the videos below for more tips on being an Accountability Partner for someone in the Ascend program.

Details bout the 90-day program.

Understanding the Ascend recovery program and the role of an AP.

All communication is confidential...

Receiving a text is the same as listening. The person who sent it is trusting you and they need to feel this relationship is safe. They don't need judgment or advise, they mostly need to feel you're there for them.

Keep the conversation going with good questions.

They need to talk about their secrets, they need to be able to tell you anything. Initiate hard discussions by asking good questions.

Addiction or bad habit?

Habits are hard to break, addictions are even more difficult to overcome. Learn about the problems associated with porn habits and addictions.


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