Spouse SupportMaybe you just found porn on your husband’s phone. Or maybe your fiance recently told you that they’re trying to quit watching porn, but it’s a struggle. You may be concerned, upset, angry, or at a loss for what to do.

Perhaps you’ve felt something was wrong for a long time, but didn’t know what until recently. No doubt you’re feeling a mixture of a lot of emotions, which may even change from day to day. The first thing you should know is that your reaction is perfectly normal. Your feelings are the result of betrayal and the loss of trust in your most vulnerable relationship.

Support for You

Each couple’s situation is unique, so you’ll have to decide what’s best in the end. Our goal is to help you understand what you’re dealing with so you can make wise choices. We’re striving to give you some immediate help but also point you toward more resources.

This course is just a beginning point for finding answers and help. Your emotions, thoughts and beliefs can have a great impact on your relationship, for better or worse. So let’s make it better. The course is free and you can go at your own pace. Just progress through the lessons and topics in the list below.

Course Structure

You’ll progress through 9 units (lessons with topics). But don’t worry because they’re short. Each lesson or topic covers specific points and may sometimes include video, questions to answer, and further resources.

The questions are for your own reflection and to help you process your experience. Your answers are confidential and are available to you through an email back service. But if you prefer, you can write your answers in a journal at home or download our worksheets. Stop anytime and come back later, because your course will automatically be saved.

You can find your way back to where you left off with the lesson list below or on the sidebar. Feel free to comment or ask questions anytime, or email our spouse support staff. We’ll also be offering monthly online support group meetings for those who’d like to participate.

Course Materials

You just need a way to get online (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)