Want to Help Us End Porn?

Become a Group Facilitator

Have you ever led a study group, meeting, workshop or club? It's that simple. Group facilitators keep a meeting moving forward. Watch the video to learn more.

Groups are online through Zoom.

Skills You Need:

  • Timekeeping

    Do you like meetings to run smoothly and on time? During the 30 min. check-in six people will have 5 minutes each to talk*. It's your job to make sure everyone has their say.

    *Number of group members and length of group meetings will vary. Generally, there will be a check-in time and a discussion time.


  • Good Listener

    One sign of a good listener is that you can repeat back, in your own words, what the person talking just said. You might do this occasionally to make sure everyone understands the speaker.

    • model good listening skills to the group
    • stay focused
    • don't interrupt
    • refrain from giving advise
  • Guide the discussion

    Everyone deserves to be heard, so no one should dominate the discussion. By laying ground rules in the beginning, and reminding when necessary, you keep the conversation flowing.

    If necessary, you may also need to stimulate conversation by asking thought provoking questions. But this is less likely to happen.

  • Appreciate People

    A simple "Thank You" goes a long way. People need to feel valued for their participation, time and investment. It doesn't take much to show gratitude.

    • "Thank you for sharing that"
    • "Thanks for hanging in there."
    • "Thanks for coming today"
    • "Thanks for being accountable to each other"

Become an Accountability Partner

You might be a friend, parent, pastor, spouse or just someone who cares. Maybe you've kicked the habit and want to help others. Anyone can be an Accountability Partner.


Skills You Need:

  • Encourager

    Strive to take the role of an encourager. You can acknowledge that change is difficult, but express confidence in the person’s ability to begin again.

    Ask your friend how you can support them. Maybe they'd like a test or a call at certain times of the day or week.

    Praise small progress.

  • Listener

    How good are your listening skills? You need to be present with an open heart to understand.

    1. Set aside time to talk
    2. Listen first
    3. Work at their speed

  • Non-judgmental

    Refrain from judgment; all of us have bad habits we haven’t overcome yet.

    You can make suggestions and give ideas, but be careful of your words and tone. A porn user seeking help already feels guilty and ashamed. Keep a heart of compassion in the solutions you offer.

  • Guide or Coach

    Support their effort to take the necessary steps toward self-mastery.

    1. Plan preventative steps
    2. Tap the power of positive motivations
    3. Tap the power of negative motivations
    4. Know your limits

Together we can do this!

It doesn't take a lot of time, just a heart to help.

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