The Problem with Porn

Start learning how porn affects your brain, body and relationships. Learn why this problem is so prevalent today and what can be done about it.

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Does Porn Impact the Brain?

from Covenant Eyes

How Porn Affects the Brain

from Fight the New Drug 

Porn and Mental Health

from Covenant Eyes

The Science of Porn Addiction

by ASAP Science

4 Ways Porn Warps the Brain

by Covenant Eyes

Profile of a Porn Addict

by Candeo

The Essential Reason Porn is Wrong

from Covenant Eyes

The 4 Stages of Sexual Addiction 

by Candeo 

Is Masterbation Wrong?

from Covenant Eyes

Love & Porn

by World Race Films 

A New Vision for Sexuality

What if we could only see the truth, beauty and goodness that lies within each person's heart and mind? What if we didn't feel driven by sexual desire, but instead felt empowered to genuinely love because of it?