Protect & Educate Your Family

In today's culture your kids will see porn, we need to teach them how to respond.

Talk to Your Kids

Your kids can't avoid the overly sexualized culture that surrounds them or the porn industry that targets them.

We have to help our kids understand why porn harms, and how they can protect themselves. We can offer them a safe path of recovery after they've been exposed.

To help with these conversations see the Parent's Resource list below.

Ascend 90-Day recovery program is free for teens 13 to 17.

Learn the Facts

Read the book,Pandora's Box is Open; Now What Do I Do?, to understand the problem and how to help your kids.

Get Covenant Eyes

Get both Monitoring and Filtering on all your internet devices to reduce exposure risks.

Start Conversations

Talk to you kids in a natural way about love and sex. See our Parent's Resources below.

Parent Resources

Click on the left column title tabs to see info about these resources.

  • Pandora's Box is Open

    "Pandora's Box is Open; Now What Do I Do?" by Gail Poyner, PhD. is a parent's guide for helping children who've already been exposed to porn.The book equips parents with an understanding of how and why their child or teen has developed a porn habit, as well as providing a practical 5 step plan for recovery. It's very thorough, covering such topics as communication, the parent's role, reducing sexualized content at home and on all internet devices, etc. It's also a workbook for both parent & child to think through problems, make action plans, and it even provides discussion scripts.

    Gail Poyner, is a Licenses Psychologist who specializes in treating adults, adolescents and children who struggle with pornography addiction.

  • Protect Young Minds

    Protect Young Minds is the best resource for parents of children ages 3 to 12. You will learn how to teach your kids to protect themselves from pornography. They also offer help to parents whose child has already been exposed to porn, and tools for community activists.

    Kristen A. Jenson, the founder of Protect Young Minds™, is also the author of the best-selling book,Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids. A must for parents of young children. Subscribe to their blog!

  • Covenant Eyes

    In addition to offering accountability software, Covenant Eyes has published numerous e-books to help parents and families deal with these issues. The books are free and instantly downloadable.

    Some of the topics covered include:

    • Your Brain on Porn
    • Raising Godly Digital Natives
    • Coming Clean
    • Parenting the internet Generation
    • When Your Child is Looking at Porn          and many more...
  • Sex Education

    One of the biggest challenges for parents is when to have the "sex talk" and how to do it. Instead of choosing an age or a method, we should think of this subject as an ongoing conversation from birth to marriage.

    Here are some books and websites that may help:

  • Fortify

    Fortify is an App created by Fight the New Drug, and it's free for teens (13-20). It's a lightweight recovery program, or a recovery tool, that can be used on any internet device. It features 52 video based lessons, a personalized battle tracker and strategies, as well as badges for progress through the program.

    Fortify was specifically designed to help young people struggling with pornography eventually reach lasting freedom.

    The Fortify Program should take someone anywhere from 2 to 5 months to complete.

  • Educate Empower Kids

    The mission of Educate and Empower Kids is to provide resources to parents and educators to encourage deep connection with their kids through media education, meaningful family communication and intentional parenting.

    They offer valuable resources such as books, videos and activities. Some of their book titles include:

    • 30 Days of Sex Talks (2 books by age group)
    • 30 Days to a Stronger Child
    • How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography

Helping Your Teen

ASCEND Program Scholarship

Teens can take our 90-Day online course free. Contact our staff for more information


Purchase Covenant Eyes family plan for all your internet devices. Learn how to be an accountability partner, or find a trusted adult who can be one for your teen.

Healthy Habits & Friends

Discuss healthy routines and habits that can help your teen avoid porn. Keep computers and phones in public areas. Help your teen consider their friends influences.