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  • “I came in thinking I was going to receive a lecture about “Blessing Etiquette” and how to prepare for the Blessing. But honestly, I’m glad I got to listen to this lecture explaining pornography culture. This usually isn’t and has never been talk about within the church, with our parents or even with our friends. I’m glad I got to share about the problems and ways to solve them openly with my friends.”
  • “I learned that hiding things and having secrets won’t help to resolve our problems. The best way is being completely sincere and honest with yourself, about your feelings, and actions, and share this with God and someone you trust. A couple of months ago I had no idea that it was a big issue in our church. But thanks to the workshop here and at GTGY, when the person I’m in the matching process with told me about his problem, I wasn’t that shocked. I never imagined that I would have to deal with these kinds of problems.”
  • “It was a new thing to me to listen to lectures on such topics as pornography, etc. We’ve never received such education in Russia, neither with my parents. I understand that because it was a topic that everyone tried to avoid- that it became a problem. I wish my parents and I had a closer relationship so that I could share about my problems and overcome it when I was younger. Now I have the determination to talk to my mother about everything that I did wrong and really hope she’ll understand. This is my number 1 task. I wish that Russian 2nd Gens could also receive such education on these important topics.”
  • “I was thinking about how I am going to get started on the matching process. This time, many of my peers have received the Blessing, and I wondered if I should hurry up. But this made me realize that I need to take a step back and reflect on myself. I need to meditate and reflect on what kind of relationship I want and think “Can I trust myself?”. I will pray more and write down my values and what kind of spouse I want to become.”
  • “I’m so grateful to Heavenly Parent, True Parents and the High Noon team for this workshop. I have never had this kind of workshop that addresses our real struggle as Blessed Children, how to overcome pornography and be closer to God. For me in particular, I have many issues with self love and what I did in the past. I felt like I disappointed Heavenly Parents, True Parents, my parents, my friends, and myself. I’m going to change my habits. I know that it’s not going to be easy.”



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