Sexual Integrity Mentee Testimonies

We asked some of our group participants to share what they've gained from the High Noon Sexual Integrity Group Mentoring program.

  • “Being part of this mentoring group creates consistent guidance and a bond of brothers who are not willing to continue in contradiction of our faith and true hearts.  We reflect on the past with an eye for the future. It is a safe place to confront our sin which seeks to stay comfortably deadly in the dark of silence and keeps us in shame. Shame is the evil weapon that keeps sin potent and lethal to our souls, and to our families. In sharing with others who are struggling, we create a shield for each other and a support in times of need. It is the critical need of every prodigal son to be able to come home and not continue to waste the precious life God has given each one of us.”
    5 Month Program Participant
    From California
  • “The mentoring group has helped me with authentically checking in about how I'm doing instead of beating around the bush. It has also helped with the public sharing and discussing different material given for that week about strategies and recovery techniques. In addition: It has connected me with others fighting the same fight. [They] have successes I also want and learning from them helps greatly. Also, who knows, they may have learned a thing or two from me too.”
    4 Month Program Participant
    From Colorado